Original Casting Jig



This is the Original Stanley Casting Jig that started it all. It has won more tournaments than any other jig in the Stanley lineup.  The Bio-Silk Rubber and Black Nickel Mustad Ultra Point hooks make this jig the best value on the market today.

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3/16oz., 5/16oz., 1/2oz.


01 Black, 02 Black/Brown, 03 Black/Blue, 03FT Black/Blue, 05FT Black/Chart, 15 White Crystallina, 24 Black/Green/Chart, 25FT Black/Green/Chart, 27 Black/Brown/Orange, 27FT Black/Brown/Orange, 28FT Black/Brown/Red, 29FT Black/Blue/Purple, 35FT Pumpkin/Chart, 36FT Pumpkin/Orange, 42 Black/Pumpkin/Chart, 61FT Junebug/Chart, 62 Gold Pumpkin, 65 Chameleon Pumpkin, 66 Watermelon Green, 67 Clear Crystallina, 68 Black Neon, 87 Black/Blue, 93 Black/Brown/Amber, 94 Black/Blue/Purple, 98 Lemon Pepper


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