Stanley Jigs Pro Staff

If you are interested in becoming part of our pro staff and have something to offer, please mail or email us a resume. We are always looking for people that can promote us in a positive way. We want to know how you can best promote us. Please understand that not everyone will qualify for sponsorship. We are not that type of company. There are only so many positions available. Also, understand that we are not just looking for people that just do well in tournaments or just post all the time on social media looking for a free product. That is what we are not about. Some of our qualifications we look for are Facebook, YouTube or Instagram with a following of 5000 plus. People who are fishing store associates, outdoor writers, outdoor show host, fishing guides, TV show host, anglers that fish FLW Series, FLW Tour, BASS Opens, BASS Elites, or MLF pro side. If you currently use our product and have something to bring to the table then we would like to hear from you. Also, we require that you at least be able to send us at least one report a year to let us know what you have been doing.
Please email resumes to:

Please send mailed resumes to:
5250 Frye Road
Irving, TX 75061