Original Rattlling Casting Jig



This is the Original Stanley Rattling Casting Jig that started it all. It has won more tournaments than any other jig in the Stanley lineup. The Bio-Silk Rubber, built-in rattle, and Black Nickel Mustad Ultra Point hooks make this jig the best value on the market today.

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3/16oz., 5/16oz., 1/2oz.


01 Black, 02 Black/Brown, 03 Black/Blue, 03FT Black/Blue, 05FT Black/Chart, 15 White Crystallina, 24 Black/Green/Chart, 25FT Black/Green/Chart, 27 Black/Brown/Orange, 27FT Black/Brown/Orange, 28FT Black/Brown/Red, 29FT Black/Blue/Purple, 35FT Pumpkin/Chart, 36FT Pumpkin/Orange, 42 Black/Pumpkin/Chart, 61FT Junebug/Chart, 62 Gold Pumpkin, 65 Chameleon Pumpkin, 66 Watermelon Green, 67 Clear Crystallina, 68 Black Neon, 87 Black/Blue, 93 Black/Brown/Amber, 94 Black/Blue/Purple, 98 Lemon Pepper


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