Original Casting Jig Hand Tied 3/16oz, 5/16oz, & 1/2oz



This is the Original Stanley Rattling Casting Jig that started it all. It has won more tournaments than any other jig in the Stanley lineup. The hand-tied Bio-Silk rubber and Black Nickel Mustad Ultra Point hooks make this jig the best value on the market today.
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3/16oz., 5/16oz., 1/2oz.


01HT Black, 02HT Black/Brown, 03HT Black/Blue, 04HT Black/Blue/Purple, 05HT Black/Green/Chart, 06HT Black/Brown/Red/Orange, 07HT Grape/Blue, 08HT Watermelon/Brown/Blue, 09HT Watermelon/Brown/Red, 10HT Watermelon/Brn/Grn/Yel/Chart, 103HT Black-Blue Fire Tip, 176HT Sprayed Grass, 177HT Sunshine Bream, 178HT Chartreuse Craw, 179HT Blue Craw, 180HT Silver Belly Blue Gill, 181HT Crawfish Magic, 182HT Blue Water Dog, 183HT Cajun Craw, 184HT Olive Craw, 185HT Purple Perch, 186HT Rainbow Bream, 187HT Lemon Craw, 188HT Bull Bream, 189HT Pumpkin Blue Gill, 190HT Peanut Butter & Jelly, 191HT Goggle Eye, 192HT Black Crappie, 193HT Watermelon Sunfish, 194HT Melonseed, 195HT The Natural, 196HT Green Pumpkin Passion, 197HT Purple Fusion, 198HT Stanleys Purple Haze, 199HT Green Pumpkin Frost, 601HT Perfect Blue Gill, 602HT Bad Whiskey, 604HT Purple Delusion, 605HT My Treat, 606HT Purple Neonz, 607HT Witches Brew, 608HT Gone Crazy, 609HT Frosted, 610HT Summer Craw, 611HT Plum Tasty, 612HT Tasty Treat, 613HT Green Pumpkin, 614HT Green Pumpkin/Purple Flake, 615HTGreen Pumpkin/Purple-Gold Flake


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