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Stanley Punch Skirt 2pk



the Stanley Hand Tied Punch Skirts provide high quality, dependable rigging for all of your heavy cover needs. Constructed around a lead skirt band, the Stanley Hand Tied Punch Skirts features a hand-tied composition of premium silicone skirting that will bring your favorite punch baits to life. Offered in a number of proven colors, the Stanley Hand Tied Punch Skirts deliver everything anglers need to punch into heavy cover and to catch big fish.

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103HT Black-Blue Firetip, 176HT Sprayed Grass, 177HT Sunshine Bream, 178HT Chartreuse Craw, 179HT Blue Craw, 180HT Silver Belly Blue Gill, 181HT Crawfish Magic, 182HT Blue Water Dog, 183HT Cajun Craw, 184HT Olive Craw, 185HT Purple Perch, 186HT Rainbow Bream, 187HT Lemon Craw, 188HT Bull Bream, 189HT Pumpkin Blue Gill, 190HT Peanut Butter & Jelly, 191HT Goggle Eye, 192HT Black Crappie, 193HT Watermelon Sunfish, 194HT Melonseed, 195HT The Natural, 196HT Green Pumpkin Passion, 197HT Purple Fusion, 198HT Stanleys Purple Haze, 199HT Green Pumpkin Frost, 400HT Smokey Joe, 401HT Avocado Shiner, 402HT Red Perch II, 403HT Classic Shiner, 404HT River Chub, 405HT Ghost Minnow, 406HT Green Hornet, 407HT Neon Chartreuse, 408HT Natural Shiner, 409HT Stump Perch, 410HT Mountain Shiner, 411HT Pink Passion, 412HT Blue Mirage, 413HT Cotton Candy Shiner, 414HT Red Horse, 415HT Tilapia, 416HT Firecracker Shiner, 417HT Crystal Sun Perch, 418HT White Crappie, 419HT Spotted Sunfish, 421HT Golden Bream II, 422HT Satin White, 423HT Chartruese/White, 424HT Ridgeback, 425HT Blue Runner, 426HT Hickory Shad, 427HT Perfect Shiner, 428HT Irradescent Shad, 429HT Gizzard Shad, 435HT White Flake, 436HT Chartruese/White, 601HT Perfect Blue Gill, 602HT Bad Whiskey, 604HT Purple Delusion, 605HT My Treat, 606HT Purple Neonz, 607HT Witches Brew, 608HT Gone Crazy, 609HT Frosted, 610HT Summer Craw, 611HT Plum Tasty, 612HT Tasty Treat, 613HT Green Pumpkin, 614HT Green Pumpkin/Purple Flake, 615HT Green Pumpkin/Purple Gold Flake, 616HT Purple Fusion Extreme, 617HT Crazy Watermelon, 618HT Lemon Twist, 619HT Melon Pumpkin, 620HT Green Pumpkin/Purple Flash, 621HT Chinquapin, 622HT Amber Wave, 623HT Purple Mirage, 624HT Candy Apple, 438HT Yellow Perch, 439HT Rayburn Red, 440HT Perfect Shad


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