Vibra Wedge Code Red



Vibra Wedge Code Red

The new “Code Red” Vibra Wedge spinner baits feature a precision ground tapered shaft, ground from .041 to .018 for maximum vibration. Add that to our amazing hand-tied skirts and patented wedge blades, you can’t find a better combination.

“Why a red head, you ask?” It’s simple, we catch more fish with it regardless of the skirt color.

Lonnie Stanley and I have been fishing with the “Extreme” tapered wire Vibra Wedge and “Code Red” with “Extreme” tapered wire for over 25 years. This is simply one of the perks of being the manufacturer of these products, we can tweak them as we please. We do this because we catch more fish with this configuration, so we thought that it was about time to let the fisherman in on our secret.

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3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz.


421 Golden Bream, 422 Satin White, 423 Chartreuse White, 424 Ridge-Back, 425 Blue Runner, 426 Hickory Shad, 427 Perfect Shiner, 428 Iridescent, 429 Gizzard Shad, 438 Yellow Perch, 439 Rayburn Red, 440 Perfect Shad

Blade Combination

Colorado/Willow, Double Willow


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