Big Shot 1oz. Spinnerbait



The Big Shot Spinnerbait is a 1oz. deepwater spinnerbait. It is great for fishing deep brush piles and ledges. It has a great balanced head design to keep the bait running upright and true. It comes in two options with a willow/willow or Colorado/willow combination.

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200 Watermelon Gray/Chart-Green Accent, 203 Chartreuse/White-Blue/Chart Accent, 205 Golden Bream/Orange Accent, 206 Tenn Shad/Chart-Orange Accent, 207 Baby Bass/Chart Accent, 208 Sexy Shad/Chartreuse Accent, 209 Blueback Herring/Orange Accent, 210 Toledo Gold, 211 Crystal Perch, 212 Orange Crush, 213 White Crawfish, 214 Pumpkin Seed Bream, 215 Tequila Sunrise, 216 Stump Perch, 217 Bleeding Shad, 218 Dragonfly, 220 Bumble Bee, 221 Royal Shad

Blade Combination

Colorado/Willow, Double Willow


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