Vibra Shaft Dirty Water Colorado-Willow



Vibra Shaft Dirty Water Colorado-Willow

With patented Vibra Shaft wire, the Vibra Shaft Dirty Water, Colorado-Willow with the special made painted front Colorado blades and back gold willow blades are unmatched with a more visible flash in off-colored water. The different options of the front painted blades make a great spinnerbait for whatever off-colored water situation. The additional reason is, the tapered Vibra Shaft wire transfers all the vibration to the end where the blades are. When you combined that with the specially painted front blade, you get a spinnerbait that puts off more vibration at a much controllable speed with lots of flash.

They are available in 3 sizes; 3/8 oz., ½ oz., & ¾ oz.

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3/8oz., 1/2oz., 3/4oz.


402 Red Perch II, Orange Colo-Willow, 436 Chart/White, Orange Colo-Willow, 436 Chart/White, Red Colorado-Willow, 435 White Flake Chart Colo-White Willow, 436 Chart/White, Orange Colo-Chart Willow, 439 Rayburn Red, Red Colo-Willow


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