Vibra Shaft Premium Colorado



The Vibra-Shaft Spinnerbait with the Premium Colrado Blades has the patented Vibra-Shaft tapered wire that transfers all the vibration to the tip of the wire where the blades are. The double Colorado blades on it are specially made for this bait. They have a deeper cup in them than standard spinnerbaits. With the deeper cup blade and the Vibra-Shaft wire, you get a great spinnerbait that is going to put off a lot of vibration at a much slower controllable speed. The Vibra-Shaft is unmatched in water displacement. Moving more water with less effort makes a great spinnerbait. That’s what you feel when you reel the bait back in. If it makes it that far!

All of our Stanley Spinnerbaits are built with the finest components available. We’ve been building high-end spinnerbaits for over 30 years and ultimately developed some of the best brand names in the industry.

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402HT Red Perch II, 403HT Classic Shiner, 406HT Green Hornet, 408HT Natural Shiner, 421HT Golden Bream II, 424HT Ridgeback, 425HT Blue Runner, 426HT Hickory Shad, 428HT Iridescent Shad, 429HT Gizzard Shad, 431HT Blue Bayou, 432HT Purple Smoke, 433HT Green Dragonfly, 434HT Chartreuse Shad, 435HT White Flake, 436HT White/Chart Flake, 438 Yellow Perch, 439 Rayburn Red


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