Ribbit Buzzit



The Ribbit Buzzit is designed to give the existing Ribbit some more commotion on the water. It does this with a buzzbait type setup on the front of it rigged with the Stanley V-Lock spring frog hook on the body. You will need to have a steady retrieve while using this. This combination makes it ideal for fishing weedless in vegetation or in open water with the fish grabbing attention. They come packaged with one rigged and two extra bodies.

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200 White, 201 Black, 204 Watermelon Red Pearl, 205 Green Pumpkin Silver Pearl, 211 Catalpa, 212 Baby Bass, 218 Bull Frog, 800 White/Chartreuse, 805 GRN Pumpkin Silver Pearl/Chart, 812 Firetiger/Orange, 819 Christmas Tree/Red


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