Ribbit Hot Feet Baby



Baby Ribbit Hot Feet 6pk.

Producing the same heart-pounding, strike-provoking action as the original Ribbit Frog, Stanley Jigs’  Baby Ribbit Hot Feet Frogs use the added appeal of boldly colored, kickin’ Hot Feet to drive big bass crazy. The Baby Ribbit Hot Feet Frogs are very versatile just like their big brother, and are most effective when buzzed along the surface or rigged weedless and fished over logs, grass beds, or lily pads. The only difference is that they are smaller to give you more to choose from!!!!!

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700 White/Chartreuse, 703 Watermelon Red Flk/Chartreuse, 705 Green Pumpkin Red Pearl/Chartreuse, 712 Fire Tiger/Orange

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