POPPN’ TOAD, is a new floating hollow body frog that has all
the popular features of our top-selling Ribbit and Top Toad.
POPPN’ Toad fishes like three lures in one! The POPPN’ Toad
has all the advantages of a popper, plus the action of the Ribbit
legs. The hollow collapsible body allows for an efficient hook
Rig the POPPN’ Toad with a 5/0 weightless Double Take hook
for best results. Screw the lock into the nose of the toad, then
place the shank of the hook between the legs of the Toad with
the rear end cradled in the bend of the hook. Next, skin hook
the points into the recessed area on the back of the Toad.
  • Poppn’ Toad 2-pack Rigged: Comes with 1 rigged Top Toad with a Double Take Hook and 1 spare Top Toad
  • Poppn’ Toad 3-pack: Comes with 3 Top Toads unrigged (NO HOOK)

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Pack Size

3 pk, 2pk (one rigged toad and one spare toad)


ASST Dark Blue & Orange, 200 White, 201 Black, 204 Watermelon Red Pearl, 205 Green Pumpkin Silver Pearl, 211 Catalpa, 212 Baby Bass, 218 Bull Frog, 219 Parrot, 226 Blue Gill, 234 E.T. Toad, 235 Cricket Frog, 236 Wood Frog, 238 California 420, 239 River Toad, 240 Red Shad, 241 Gold Shad, 242 Red Ear, 243 Leopard Frog, 244 Spring Frog, 245 School Bus, 246 American Bull Frog


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