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Lil’ Nasty Flippin’ Jig

To benefit all bass fisherman who like to flip a jig, Mustad has come out with the Lil’ Nasty Flippin’ Jig, the best Flippin’ hook ever, with a little collaboration from Hale Lure, LLC. Stanley Jigs. Oddly Enough, they went back over 60 plus years to bring back a tuna hook called the “Skippy Hook”, design-wise anyways. This flippin’ jig is super strong and features the 2-degree turn pout point that was a feature incorporated into the original Stanley Jig needle point hook designed by Lonnie Stanley back in the early 80’s.

It has unbelievable hook up to strike ratio and is almost impossible to throw, equals more fish in the boat. The beefed up wire make it the strongest hook on the market.

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3/16 oz.

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Black-Blue Fire Tip, Sprayed Grass, Sunshine Bream, Chartreuse Craw, Blue Craw, Silver Belly Blue Gill, Crawfish Magic, Blue Water Dog, Cajun Craw, Olive Craw, Purple Perch, Rainbow Bream, Bull Bream, Pumpkin Blue Gill, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Goggle Eye, Black Crappie, Watermelon Sunfish


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