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The Y-NOT:

A lure so unique that nothing on the
market today compares! The Stanley Y-Not name comes from its simple Y-shaped body,
yet there is nothing simple about this lure’s design and its uncanny ability to
mimic a living, breathing crawfish. It drives bass crazy!

Small air pockets are built into the legs of the Y-NOT. Rattlers can be placed into the air pockets for added attraction, or the chambers can be left empty to trap air for a greater buoyancy. When bouncing the Y-NOT along the bottom of a lake or pond, the two legs stand straight up, imitating a defensive crawfish with pincers in the air with amazing realism . The Stanley Y-NOT’s versatility is unmatched. It is ideal for Carolina and Texas rigging. It’s the perfect bait to use with Drop Shots and Shakey Heads, and according to Stanley, there is no better jig trailer. The soft bait is great for pitching, flipping, and suspending.

  • Available in 3.5″ and 4″ inches
  • 3.5″ – 5 per pack
  • 4″ – 4 per pack

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3.5", 4"

Color Options

Watermelon Red, Christmas Tree, June Bug, Black Neon, Watermelon, Mardi Gras, Black Blue, Okeechobee Craw, Rudy Red, Watermelon Red/Carolina Pumpkin, Watermelon Gold/Dirty Gold


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