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Stanley Jigs/Hale Lure Bassmaster Elite Series Pro John Hunter


The Sidewinder is a soft-ringed body sinks slower and with a life-like movement that drives bass crazy. Multiple rings surround the soft bait from tip to tail, trapping air as it’s cast and giving it slight buoyancy.  The Stanley Sidewinder remains in the water column longer maximizing its visibility in the strike zone. What makes the Sidewinder so deadly, is the rattle chamber in the tail. You can put a rattle in the chamber for added attraction. But, when using the Sidewinder without a rattle, the chamber becomes an air pocket that causes the tail to stand straight up.

  • The Sidewinder is available in 4″ and 5.5″ (selection is limited)
  • Comes in 8/pk.

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4", 5.5"

Color Options

Watermelon Purple, Watermelon Red Pearl, Bull Frog, Christmas Tree, Red Bug, Green Pumpkin Red Flake, June Bug, Black Neon, Catalpa Red, Bait Fish, Watermelon Red/Ruby Red, Blue Gill


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