Racket Blade with Weedguard



The new patent-pending Stanley Racket Blade is one of the loudest and hardest vibrating bladed jigs on the market.  It flashes like a spinnerbait and has the noise and vibration of a trap.

The Stanley Racket Blade’s weedguard is made of a special duel titanium alloy wire. With the Stanley Racket Blade with the weedguard, you will be able to fish into very heavy strong vegetation with better success. Each model comes in three different sizes; 3/8oz., 1/2oz., and 3/4oz. Each model comes with a solid trailer keeper to help keep your soft plastic trailer attached. They are currently available in 16 skirt colors, with some having multiple blade combinations for a total of 35 different combinations.

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3/8oz., 1/2oz., 3/4oz.


103 Black/Blue Fire Tip, Black Blade, 103 Black/Blue Fire Tip, Gold Blade, 123 Chartreuse/Pearl, Gold Blade, 123 Chartreuse/Pearl, Limetreuse Blade, 402 Red Perch II, Gold Blade, 402 Red Perch II, Orange Blade, 402 Red Perch II, Red Blade, 402 Red Perch II, Chartreuse Blade, 421 Golden Bream II, Gold Blade, 428 Iridescent Shad, Nickel Blade, 431 Blue Bayou, Nickel Blade, 432 Purple Smoke, Nickel Blade, 435 White Flake, Nickel Blade, 435 White Flake, Chartreuse Blade, 435 White Flake, Red Blade, 435 White Flake, Orange Blade, 436 Chartreuse/White Flake, Gold Blade, 436Chartreuse/White Flake, Chartreuse Blade, 436 Chartreuse/White Flake, Red Blade, 436 Chartreuse/White Flake, Orange Blade, 438 Yellow Perch, Gold Blade, 438 Yellow Perch, Limetreuse Blade, 439 Rayburn Red, Gold Blade, 439 Rayburn Red, Orange Blade, 439 Rayburn Red, Red Blade, 440 Perfect Shad, 601 Perfect Blue Gill, Gold Blade, 601 Perfect Blue Gill, Green Blade, 602 Bad Whiskey, Black Blade, 602 Bad Whiskey, Gold Blade, 607 Witches Brew, Gold Blade, 607 Witches Brew, Green Blade, 615 Green Pumpkin/Purple Gold Flake, Gold Blade, 615 Green Pumpkin/Purple Gold Flake, Green Blade, 621 Chinquapin, Gold Blade, 621 Chinquapin, Green Blade


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