Awesome Twin Spin Jig 3/8oz. & 1/2oz.



This is an awesome vertical drop jig. This bait also has some unique features associated with it. It is ideal to be fished around standing timber, brush piles, ledges, or close to the bottom. The design of this bait allows it to deflect off of the cover. It is also equally effective when fished over and around grass beds and emergent vegetation. It comes with 4 different blade combinations for each color. You can have your choice of #3 size nickel or gold Colorado blades, or #3.5 size nickel or gold willow blades.

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3/8oz., 1/2oz.


192 Black Crappie, 194 Melonseed, 196 Green Pumpkin Passion, 421 Golden Bream II, 422 Satin White, 423 Chartreuse/White, 435 White Flake, 436 Chartreuse/ White Flake, 602 Bad Whiskey, 607 Witches Brew, 608 Gone Crazy, 611 Plum Tasty, 424 Ridgeback, 426 Hickory Shad, 428 Iridescent Shad, 430 Copperhead, 431 Blue Bayou, 432 Purple Smoke, 433 Green Dragonfly, 434 Chartreuse Shad, 440 Perfect Shad, 613 Green Pumpkin, 614 Green Pumpkin/Purple Flake, 615 Green Pumpkin/Purple-Gold Flake

Blade Choices (May not show actual blade combo)

Nickel Double Colorado, Nickel Double Willow, Gold Double Colorado, Gold Double Willow


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