Available in 3/8 and 1/2 OZ
Order Code: VW   Example VW38-310DW
DW -  Double Willow Only
Blade combos: Nickel (N)  Gold (G)
Stanley Lures has combined two of their most innovative designs
into a single spinnerbait for maximum thump and vibration – the
Vibra-Wedge!  Two patents, the Vibrashaft wire and Wedge
blades, combined to produce more water displacement than any
other spinnerbait on the market.

The Vibra-Wedge comes garnished wtih the new "long tail skirt"
that have accents of flash and thicker cut flat skirt material that
extends pass the normal body of the skirt.  You really don't need a
trailer with this new skirt.  The  wider-cut strands of rubber move
more water and add lots of action to the Vibra-Wedge.
305 Golden Bream  w
orange flash Blades: GG
303 Chart white w blue flash
Blades: NG
300 Wtm Gray Green Flashs
Blades NG
308 Sexy Shad Flash
Blades: NG
310 Toledo Gold
Flash         Blades: GG
321 Royal Shad flash
Blades: NG
325 Ghost Shad flash
Blades: NN
309 Blue Back Herring Flash
Blades: NN
312 Orange Crush flash        
Blades: NG
317 Bleeding Shad flash      
Blades: GN
323 Chart Blue White flash   
Blades: NG
324 Mouse flash
Blades: NG