The Finesse Jig is the perfect combination jig.  Ready to go out of the pack
with a matching Craw Worm. Great for Smallmouth and Kentucy Bass. The jig
head is designed to reduce hang ups, an also check out the all new "Tuxedo
Cut" skirts. Way more action from this skirt as you flip and hop it back to the
160 Watermelon
Chart-Orange Accent
161 Black Amber
Chart-Orange Accent
163 Black Blue
Blue Accent
164 Chinquapin Chart -
Orange Accent
165 Black Blue
Purple - Accent
166 Black Blue
Chart Accent
167 Camo Orange
Green Accent
169 Peanut Butter Jelly -
Purple Accent
162 Rusty Craw
Orange Accent
Stanley Finesse Jigs
ITEM CODE: FSR  Available in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 oz sizes