The FlipMax jig is designed with a larger-stronger hook, even in the lighter 3/8 and 1/2-ounce sizes where smaller hooks are
the norm. According to Lonnie Stanley, “With the new technology in rods and reels, larger worms and better braided lines,
everyone is wanting something bigger. The FlipMax is made with a big in-line straight hook, specially designed for a 'Bigger

“The newly created jig is named the FlipMax, because it is a flippin' jig,” adds Stanley. It is made for throwing into brush piles
and heavy grass whether fishing in deep or shallow water. The FlipMax also comes in the heavier 3/4- and 1-ounce weight
sizes and is designed to penetrate thick moss and cover, and it is virtually weedless. “You can't hardly hang this jig up. It is
the most weedless jig that we have made in 30 years,” says Stanley. The FlipMax jig is also balanced so that it doesn't spin
while falling and won't twist your line during the retrieve.

Another unique feature of the FlipMax is the new design in the hand cut rubber skirt that Stanley refers to as “a walking skirt”.
Below the existing rubber skirt, an additional skirt in a different color has been added with wider-cut rubber strands. While
submerged, the specially-cut thick rubber strands resemble crawfish legs. When dragging the FlipMax along rocks, logs or
bottom the wider flat rubber “legs” drop back under the regular-cut skirt actually giving the appearance of a walking crawfish.
When pulled through the water the “legs” flare out realistically imitating a swimming crawfish. The flat, wide rubber legs
displace more water causing a greater commotion and vibration that bass can't resist!

The FlipMax Jig comes in 10 exciting new colors and four sizes.

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New FlipMax Jig by Stanley Jigs, Inc.

Since 1979 Lonnie Stanley has been designing
jigs for all types of fishing and fishermen. Stanley
is known for meeting the needs of anglers and
his newest jig, the FlipMax is a prime example.
Stanley Lures has developed a jig that is bigger
and better and ideally suited for today's stouter
rods and reels and heavier braided lines.