“When you’re faced with a tough bite, especially after a cold front and a high pressure, a smaller
Classic qualifier and legendary lure designer. “Bass have a tendency to draw tight into structure
after a cold front hits. I designed my compact spinnerbait with a smaller hook on our original vibri-
shaft head, allowing you to fish in deeper cover with less hang-ups”.

Whether its springtime bass in grass, laydowns or rocks in shallow water or the summer and fall
when lake levels drop and bass push into stained water creeks or under boat docks, the Stanley
Compact Spinnerbait is proven to be the ideal lure.

“Professional bass anglers will often use smaller lures to catch a quick limit and then move to
larger lures to cull out the smaller bass”, Stanley said. “Even in stained water, the smaller
compact spinnerbait will attract bass that aren’t aggressively biting”.

The Stanley Compact Spinnerbait’s smaller frame and blades make it easier to present to bass
with longer distance casting. Furthermore, anglers can fish this spinnerbait without tiring out as

“When casting, especially in the wind, the smaller more compact spinnerbait goes farther with
fewer backlashes” says Stanley. “Because they cast farther and look more like shad, they make
excellent choices to throw in places where bass might school”.

The Stanley Compact Spinnerbait is available in eight proven fish catching colors.

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